Technology and Process Optimization

Business Transformation Experts providing strategic market advantages throughout the client journey

The path to a technology-based business transformation is not always the obvious one; and sometimes a shift in thinking is required. “It’s coming soon to your competitors, but it could come to you first”.


Business Process Transformation
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Business Process Transformation
SGI – Digital Capabilities for IT

Business Process Transformation
SGI – Transforming Service Delivery Model

InFor500 brings extensive industry business transformation experience to the table.  With this experience and wide range of technology solutions and applications, we can help you reach a new level of agility to face tomorrow’s challenges.  We have lived these challenges as customers, and that empathy provides a unique perspective to optimize these initiatives for you.

  • Strategy Development – We will work with you on translating your strategy into a tactical plan, inclusive of technology selection, implementation services, quantifying capital and operational costs, and schedule.

  • Implementation Services – End-to-End implementation services: Analyze, Architect, Design, Develop, Test, Deploy and Sustain.

  • Back End Services – Business Process Fulfillment – We provide around-the-clock business process fulfilment services in the areas of purchase requisition to purchase order (PR2PO) creation, spot buying, goods receipt processing, Accounts Payable support, procurement analytics and contracts management.


Cloud Transformations, CRM/ERP, ITSM, Retail Operations, Digital Transformation and Program Mgmt.

Our Practices

Translating business needs into processes, and enabling technology to fulfill your corporation’s specific business needs is an arduous task.  Once accomplished these process fulfillments becomes the lifeline of your organization.  While SAP offers the flexibility to fulfill a business process in many ways, InFor500 can help translate and implement these process transformations.  Our core delivery focus is to reduce the project and solution complexity, allowing your company to keep pace with market changes, leverage new delivery models and tools, and secure a future-ready enterprise application environment.  InFor500 works on those core delivery items as an outcome of having worked on the commercial side to lower the license assets and maintenance support costs.

Our competence includes developing Enterprise Management capabilities for several business functions inclusive of Information Technology.  ServiceNow offers a portfolio of robust cloud-based products that automate and manage enterprise services.  ServiceNow products have the advantage of being built on a single cloud platform that consists of one user interface, one code base and one data model, delivering easy, automated upgrades.  ServiceNow provides an intuitive and approachable user experience complete with expert services to accelerate time-to-value.

ThingWorx IoT Platform:
Our competencies includes developing capabilities for the enterprise to offer next-generation service offerings and product development.  We work with clients to develop these capabilities, using PTC’s innovative ThingWorx platform to connect machine data from devices and sensors to the cloud and rapidly develop and deploy custom applications.
Our competencies include developing business process capabilities for Marketing, Sales and Service functional groups on the Salesforce Cloud.  We help customers develop the right architecture, design, and deploy on AppExchange products to fulfill their business process needs. Our deep experience and reach can make a critical difference for your success.